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Chardonnay - Chateau Burgozone

The taste impresses with its velvet softness and refinement. It is rich, complex and harmonic with excellent duration and wonderful aftertaste. It is of straw-yellow color with a touch of gold. The bouquet itself is lasting and compelling, dominated by white tropical fruits.

Rose - Chateau Burgozone

A vivid sparkly pink color with strawberry and raspberry nuances and ideal clarity. A powerful, intensive and lasting fruit aroma where nuances of red fruits stand out: strawberry, raspberry and sour cherry. The taste is dense, with good volume and length, pleasant freshness with a long and fruit aftertaste with pronounced mildness.

Syrah - Chateau Burgozone

Live and sparkling rich, saturated ruby colour with airy violet and brick-coloured glare. The wine is distinguished with a rich and lasting fruity aroma, characteristic of the sort, in which a scent of bacon, spices, smoke, and airy violet tones, pleasantly lined with the scent of wild berries, jam, cinnamon and chocolate creeps in. Gustatory attack powerfully bursts in the mouth and creates a feeling of softness, content, durability, and length.A great fruit finale leaves a feeling of warmth, dressed with a sense of soft tannins.

Viognier - Chateau Burgozone

Yellow straw like color with crystal glitter. Transparent and radiant. Pleasant, intensive and complex aroma reveling apricot and mango nuances. Expressive and fine with notes of honey. Full and generous taste supported by nuances of white fruits, apricot, peach and mango. Good structure ending with a beautiful length refreshed by a mineral touch. A completely balanced taste in its freshness and finesse.