Depending on their tannin content, the reds can range from heavy and dark to light and refreshing. Recent research even suggests that all of the reds contain powerful antioxidants for good, overall health.

Discover more about full-bodied, oaky, fruity and flowery red wines with detailed information on where they come from, how to identify them, and enjoy them.

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Syrah - Chateau Burgozone

Live and sparkling rich, saturated ruby colour with airy violet and brick-coloured glare. The wine is distinguished with a rich and lasting fruity aroma, characteristic of the sort, in which a scent of bacon, spices, smoke, and airy violet tones, pleasantly lined with the scent of wild berries, jam, cinnamon and chocolate creeps in. Gustatory attack powerfully bursts in the mouth and creates a feeling of softness, content, durability, and length.A great fruit finale leaves a feeling of warmth, dressed with a sense of soft tannins.

Zagreus St. Dimitar Mavrud

It has a solid colour and intense flavour and a nice fruity nose. The taste impresses with good tannins as well as a balanced structure and finishes with a pleasant smooth aftertaste.

Zagreus Vinca Mavrud

This wine is made from 100% Mavrud grape. The grapes are dried outdoors for 2-3 months, in which the sugar and acidity are going to concentrate. The result is a very impressive, dense and full-bodied wine with incredible taste, flavour and potential for aging.