About Us

As an importer, Winestory prides itself in its local presence and in depth knowledge and insight of the local wineries. We carefully select quality wines, and help smaller winehouses to respond to the needs of our clientele. We import in large quantities, allowing economy of scale to reduce prices, which directly translates itself in accessible prices to boutique wines for our customers, as we make sure no intermediaries add their premiums on the prices. We are relentlessly pursuing excellence, verifying that each step of the production meets high quality standards. It is our personal conviction that the complete wine production process aims to have a minimal ecological footprint, if it is to be sustainable, and allow future generations to continue listening to the stories in the wines without putting a burden on our fragile environment. 

As a wholesaler, we work closely with our professional clients and prospects to succesfully cater to their clientele. For this reason, our commercial team is trained to help in analysing the hotel or restaurant business, the menues offered, the styles of the chef, but also the atmosphere and ambiance of the areas where the wine is offered for consumption. Our staff are not merely commercial salespeople, but rather wine consultants who can assist you in optimally positioning our wines within the hotel, restaurant and bistro business. 

As a store for end-consumers, we aim to increase visibility on boutique wines from regions of the world less known to Western European consumers. We offer an array of selected wines of superb quality for consumption, but also focus on creating awareness and providing information on the wine regions, countries, wineries, grapes, and vintages. Many wines we sell to our professional customers are not generally made available to the general public directly, as they are exclusively reserved for the hotel and restaurant sector. However, we frequently sell the few remaining boxes of a particular vintage, when volumes become too low to make them part of a larger order. Additionally, we offer seasonal gift boxes to organisations and individuals. These seasonal offerings are regularly published on our website. For the sale of the last remaining wines of a particular type, you can contact us, provide us email or phone number, and we'll contact you with the information when it becomes available. 

Winestory is a trademark and division of S3M Consulting. S3M Consulting is registered in Belgium under BE 0871.812.739